Need a New Rod and line for New Reel

On Christmas I got a new Daiwa Tatula Type-R 100xs with an 8:1:1 gear ratio. I am looking for a new rod and line to accompany the reel. I would like to be able to use this setup in just about any situation with multiple things. Lastly, I am trying to keep price in mind.
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That is one expensive reel ! Depends on what species of fish you want to use it for which rod to get. Also where and with what presentation would determine rod action (hvy. or medium). Fast ratio reels are great for reeling deep dive crankbaits deep as well as burning spinnerbaits along weedlines, but my personal favorite is taking in line fast after setting the hook on fish in heavy cover.
There are many good rods for sale that won't break the bank - Bass Pro sells many.

By this time so long after the initial post I assume you're already fishing with this reel. I'd be interested what you matched it to.