Trailer bunks

I'm going to redo my trailer bunks soon. When installing the stainless lag screws should I drill a pilot hole first ? Will the screws split the wood without a pilot hole /
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I changed out mine last year and didn't pre drill. I used standard 2X4 which I carpeted myself.
Kind of a pain in the a ss and a sloppy job. Next time I'm going to go with this
Bunk Boards
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Well I had 2 of the boards and the carpet already so I picked up the other 2 X4X12 treated boards, 25 stainless lags , and a 1000 count box of stainless 1/2" staples. Still cost me $66. I got the boards carpeted today and now I am ready to install them. I noticed the mounting brackets are in need of paint so I'm going to try to figure a way to do it. I may try to get the boat off the trailer and do it right here at home. I'm pretty creative when I need to be and just a little crazy so we'll see. As I age it seems there is always more evaluating before any action. LOL ! ?

I did mine but my bolts were carriage bolts with nuts on them. I pre-drilled. I matched the old bunks to the new ones to get the dimension of the hole and drilled. I then put the carpet on them and stapled it. I took everything I needed with me to the boat ramp and launched the boat and left in in the water on a nice summer weekday when a lot of boats would not be out.