is staying in a cabin camping?

so my family wants to rent a small cabin for a summer camping trip for a couple days at a state park. The cabins are really small, made out of logs and are equipped with a pair of bunk beds and air conditioning. No tv, no phone, no sofas, no refrigerator, nada. There is a small fire ring outside the cabin. I was just wondering if staying in a cabin is considered camping.
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I dont think most people would consider a cabin with A/C to be "really" camping.....But hey..sounds like a fun time to me...You get to spend time with your family...without the distractions / hectic schedules of everyday life.......Have fun..... ?

I will say ... YES, you can still have the same fun and activities that people sleeping in a tent can have. But we have some people that will say that if you have air-mattress in a tent is not real camping.
From the city to the woods, that is camping to me. Have fun ? ?
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Personally I draw the line with having AC in the cabin ? great that your're getting outdoors and spending time with your family.

Im a tent camper,but your camping just as just as someone with a camper.i sometime stay in a fishing lodge.i don't refer to it as camping just a fishing trip.whatever it is,enjoy!
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I think it's subjective whether or not it classifies as "camping", but I will tell you that if right now I could just go and live in the mountains in a cabin and stay there for the rest of my life, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

And I'd go where I wouldn't need AC, too.

I am an avid camper, and have actually worked in the industry.

The cabin with the AC........are you ready for the disgusting term I am about to introduce to you?

It's called......wait for it........wait for it.............................


Yes....glamour + camping = glamping (makes me want to vomit too........just sayin)