bass fishing with live bait.

How many of you bass fish with live bait and what is your favorite way to do so?
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I used to fish for SM bass all the time using Hellgrammites nasty buggers but the SM and trout would just devour them. We would catch our own by turning over rocks in the river and have a guy 10 feet down river with a screen. Did that in the Ramapo river NJ/NY boarder. Haven't fished them since moving to NC 10 years ago. We fisehed them with U/L rods with 4# line, a split shot or 2 with a # 4 bait holder hook.
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I like using small puppies, chihuahuas work best, we got some big hawgs in the lake behind my house ?
LOL just joking PETA, no need to get riled up!!!?

On a serious note, we have small exotic tilapia fry that are all over these lakes down here. Basically baby tilapia, and the LMBass and Peacocks LoVE them.
It's a matter of drop that sucker and hold on tight. They won't last 1 minute without something hitting them hard.

But strangely, my biggest fish were with artificials, not live bait :/
Biggest Bass was with a Banjo Minnow. Biggest Peacock was with a saltwater yellow jig.
It's all about presentation, and a good amount of stalking the fish and getting them on that exact time of the day when they are hungry and active.