certain styles of worm work better than others?

Okay, I know this sounds like a stupid question, but does anybody notice that certain styles of worms work better, no matter how similar or minimal the differences?
I fish this lake at a park. I always catch bass on zoom u-tail worms. I was in walmart a couple weeks ago and I saw some ringed worms on sale and decided to buy them. (same length, shape and color. The only difference is the rings.) I took it to the lake for fishing. NOT A BITE. Not even a nibble. I switched to my old brand and the fish jumped on them. Mind blown! ?
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I've always wondered whether an angler can truly evaluate plastic worm designs fishing them less than a few dozen times in in different water. I assume you're Texas rigging them in which case where you fish them is as important as how fast and with what presentation (Carolina, drop shot, Ned rig, etc.)
Design variety is amazing since Creme came out with the first non-action tail worm and in most cases most worm designs are equal for hopping along bottom. Are subtle action tail worms better on occasion than whippy tail worms? I kind of doubt it generally speaking given the depth and habitat fished, but the test I would propose is using only one all day for many days and then switching using another for many days noting catch rate in areas you have confidence holds fish.

Tip not related to your question: take the ring worm cut off about 2" of the tail and rig it on a 1/16 oz jig head. Swimming this lure horizontally may easily blow away any worm design used primarily on bottom. Found this out last year and caught many bass and other fish species on it.