Bass fishing with still baits?

I've seen Luke, from Catfish and Carp catch a Bass on cutbait. I've also heard about others catching bass on bread. However, chumming is not allowed in my state, so I doubt that bread will work for the Bass here. I'm asking for my mom. She's in her 60's and cannot take the strain of beating the banks. It's too hard on her to lure fish and she has no patience for it to begin with. In waters where there are no trout, she uses Powerbait, reciting her favorite excuse, "Well, I've caught carp on Powerbait before." I've caught smallmouths on powerbait though. That was interesting. Anything that would have a higher success rate? Livebait is illegal in the Owens, but it's a plan elsewhere. Cutbait is the next best, then maybe a sucker rig(3 worms, with their ends free to wiggle). Any other ideas? Feel free to call me an idiot. It's true!
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Wish i could help you.....I think you might already know more than i I mostly river fish, and have alot of success with the purple Bass Pro craws on a weedless jig head..tossing them to logs and rocks, and the backside of sandbars, etc... For cats and carp we have good luck with chicken livers...put them in a plastic bag and leave them out until they are really funky... When we do fish the lake i like to use a white or silver super fluke....Have pretty good luck with those fishing structure..or changing the jig swim them shallow and deep... But i think the ultimate is fishing a buzz bait on top....and having the Bass come up and crush it.....seen it on TV...watched it happen to my Brother and Dad.........but never had it happen to me i always try that for a while