Drop shot rig for catfish and other species

Long before the drop shot rig became a household name in bass fishing, I decided one day that the weeds I was fishing might hide my worm and that by raising the bait higher, more fish would be able to see the bait. The bait was tied about 1 1/2' above the sinker and man did it improve my catching a bunch of catfish I was fortunate to hit in one spot. I never knew catfish schooled until that moment and found they did in another lake the following year.

I started using the drop shot for other species including panfish and pickerel with success. In my mind, if fish are hitting you lure or live bait on bottom, it's time to raise it higher but still keeping keeping it stationary for a minute before moving it a foot.

I rememberfishing drop shot rig when I was a boy,only we called it a catfish rig.my father showed me this rig.but I never tried it on bass till reading about it.
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I use that rig with my hand poured minnow under the ice when I want the challenge of using artificial lures:
thin wire hook, nose hook, polamar knot, light line and 1/4 oz sinker. No action goes a long way!