Question about Lake Erie channel cat.

Hey all I have a question I been dying to find an answer for about catfish. 15 year's ago when I last fished for catfish in Lake Erie the water temperature was around 75-80 degree's most of the summer and the best way to catch channel cat was to go out just before sunset and find a silver bass or perch school in the shallow's because the catfish would come in to feed on them just as it got dark and almost all through the night from a beach or cliff you could catch them one right after another of all different sizes. It didn't matter if the water was murky, clear,choppy. Any Night any Time if you could find those 2 kind's of fish in a school you would find channel catfish.

I just recently about a month ago picked up a pole again and started to try to find catfish every night after work in the lake. The water temperature in the shallows is usually 67-74 as of late in some of my old hotspot's and there have been no silver bass or perch school's even coming in to the shallow's at all now probably for at least 20 miles of shoreline. Could it be that the perch and silver bass school's that are staying out in the deep water, have a huge Impact on channel cat coming into the shallow flat's?. Or is it the water temperature difference between these cooler summer's in New York versus our old super hot summer's?.

I just haven't been able to figure it out yet. I bought a Deeper smart fish finder as well and for the most part it look's as if no catfish at all are going shallow or laying on the bottom near structure. Most of the water I have access to is around 3-9 foot on average. A friend of mine that goes walleye fishing on boat's said that all the silver bass and perch are sticking deep this year with some huge silver bass school's in as nearly as 100 foot of water. Anyone have any idea what might be going on with these crazy cat's??.

Cain't help you with that one.

The deepest water I get to fish for cats is near 60 feet. Most of my deep holes range from 20 to 30 feet deep.

My deep holes are on the river and my lakes that I fish tend to run shallow.

Good luck!