beginner need help


I'm a rank beginner with fly fishing. I live on a lake in Maine and have taken a couple of casting lessons. I've been practicing casting off of my dock and I'm slowly getting better BUT

I keep losing flies. After a certain number of casts, the fly is somehow gone. I have a book from LLBean and have followed the instructions for tying the fly to the leader but they keep coming off.

Any advice appreciated


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Two things that come to mind. One since your new to fly casting you might need to slow down your casting stroke. Slow down and let the loop open before you begin your forward cast. If you are casting fast and come forward before the loop opens it will be like cracking a whip and that might be snapping your fly off?

Second, would be tying a good knot. I have a feeling it's the whipping action though? I use a no slip loop knot to attach flies to the leader. It's an easy knot. Check out the link.