Fish 4 kids

Hello all. I take kids who don't have other means to do so fishing. Trying to upgrade boat to something more suitable for kids on the Mississippi River. Currently fishing on a mid 90's Bayliner bass boat, but it's short, has no rod storage (which is a big safety issue with tripping on poles), and various other issues that come with a <$2k boat.

Have a gofundme setup. Looking for anything that can help with a better boat. Thank you.
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Good for you getting kids out on the water! I am a leader in 4-H and run a fishing project. Not sure if you are involved in a group like that but if so? You can apply for funding through Basspro. Our county 4-H just became aware of this and are applying. Not sure exactly how it works yet but check the link and see if it might work for you. Good luck on your endeavors.