looking for xps flat side crankbait


I have been trying to find some of the XPS Flat Side Crankbaits like the one in the pictures. I borrowed this bait and then lost it and want to find one to replace it with and maybe get a few of my own. I was told it might be a XPS Nitro Flat shad(Bass Pro brand) in the Gold XXX Shad color but not for sure. It is a flat sided crankbait with a little angle on the corners of the bill. It seems to have a greenish/gold tint starting on the side and runs up under the dots to the top. Reason I have pictures was I was going to see if I could find a couple for myself, just liked the looks of the bait. There is also a picture of this lure in a different color in this article at https://1source.basspro.com/index.php/component/k2/75-muskie-fishing/101-jigging-cold-front-muskies