Spincast Casting Problem

Occasionally, when casting, the line jerks to a stop. Next cast may be OK. This line stoppage seems to happen with all of the reels I've tried...Zebco Delta, Daiwa GC100, Pflueger Cetina. Is this because the pick up pin isn't retracting? How do I prevent this from happening?
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I would invest in a casting and or spinning reel because I believe a spincast reel is a reel with a cover over the line, with a small hole guiding it and are usually in my experience trash and usually for children. if you'd like to fix it, take it apart, oil and grease it, soak it in hot water and take all the line off make sure when you put the line back on its the recommended lb test. if the problem still persists time for a new reel.

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A little late for a reply, but the area next to the line pickup pin sometimes gets a groove from line friction and line gets stuck. Filing the area sometimes helps, but usually ordering a new spool cover from the company is the best way. The usual cause of the problem is using lures too heavy for spincast reels that cause the line wear groove to happen. 1/8 oz is usually the heaviest jig or lure I use but on average 1/16 oz or less is best.

Believe it or not, I use braid on my Daiwa 100A spincast reel and cast jigs even as small as 1/32 oz + lure 20' or more, the reason being the spool cover's large hole that the line comes out of. Other reels with smaller holes don't do well with braid. I catch large fish with spincast reels but always carry a spinning reel to relieve hand and arm fatigue by switching hands.
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Hey...says im not allowed to post new content...?  So figured i would ask here and maybe somebody will see it....lol. Im thinking about getting my Dad a new spinning reel for his B-day, and want to get him a really nice one (he would never spend big $$ on one for himself)..and i have no experience with the high end ones.  So..just based on price..the Penn Spinfisher, or Shimano Stradic look like the top shelf ones...?  Anybody have any experience with either one..or could suggest something different ..  Thanks for any advice....