Flurocarbon Breaking In Spool

What's up guys! Quick question here. I recently took the braid off of my Abu Garcia Silver Max bait caster and replaced it with fluro #12 (Seaguar Invisx). Prior to installing the Seaguar, I had spider wire #8 100% Fluro. I noticed that the spider wire was popping inside of my reels. At the moment I wasn't having a lot of birds nest (or should I say comparable to when I had braid installed). I removed the spider wire believing it was just the cheap side affect and had my local BP spool me up with 12# Invisx. Upon my first cast today I skipped me t-rig a little too early and got a huge birds nest. I had to cut it out, it was the worst I've ever seen. Soon after I saw a fray in my line so I cut it, retied, and about 4 fish later my line snapped mid-cast. I have been reading that this could be the fluro synching on itself after the birds nest and fraying more than I could see. What should be my best plan of action for minimizing this from happening. Seaguar is an expensive line and I don't want this to become a norm.