Another Season in the Can

New years day always marks the last day of deer season. What did I kill?.... A day.

I suppose this season weren't so bad. I did manage to put three deer in the freezer if I did get nothing for the wall.

The last day found me sitting in a stand belonging to my cousin. He had three different stands and he wanted them all covered for the last day in hopes of one or more of us taking one of the big bucks that he had been seeing but not having a shot at all season. So we left my buddy in the prime stand and Cuz and I took the other two in some woods I've never been in before. The stand I was in was so close to I-40 that when a car drifted over into the rumble strips along the side, it would vibrate my stand.

But, even that close to a major highway, you wouldn't believe the bucks scrapes and rubs in there! Wow, what a beautiful spot to shoot a deer! Matters not. All I saw the entire day was a couple of squirrels and a woodpecker.

I dozed off during the morning for a bit. Of course I started dreaming. Wow, what a dream! Dirty blond hair, green eyes, small framed and BUILT! I had her right where I wanted her and just before I could finish the job, my shirt pocket started buzzing! The cell phone drew me back into the real world where cold was already invading into my coveralls! "Darn you, US Cellular! Darn you all to heck!" "Who, the hairy, was calling me at such a crucial intimate time?!" It was my cousin wanting to know if I was ready to come out and eat a sandwich. Forget the stupid sandwich! I wanted to finish my dream!

Oh, well... Back to the truck for a cold sausage and cheese and a room temperature Coke.

Back in the stand to listen to more traffic, count the squirrels and wish I could fall back to sleep. Nothing doing. I'm awake for the duration. Oh, look! There goes a duck!

Finally, the sweet release of nightfall gave us the excuse to give it up and come on down. The season was officially over.

When we got back to my Cousins house, where we had left my buddy to watch the creek bed behind his house. He had gotten one! Okay, so it was just a dog sized doe but he got one!

This was only my buddy's third kill of his life and I had always been with him in times past for the skinning ceremonies. So this time I let him take the reigns of the skinning process and showed him what to do. He's a quick learner. The next one he should be able to do on his own.

Driving home I thought about it. It's good that the season has an end less we become to disgusted with it all. I look forward now to next September when maybe I'll finally get a chance to bow hunt a little.