Redneck Deer Stand


As I was scouting out a new trap line I came across this gem that y'all just needed to see.


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I bet it worked out fine as a deer stand. Sometimes ya can' t beat hillbilly enginering.
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I love scouting new areas and finding gems like that and heck I'll admit it, I would use it ?
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Looks like a good place for snakes and spiders to hang out.... ? ? .. ? ..I think i would

Reminds of the song that's probably older than Jessica LoL

I remember when Mary Lou said
"You wanna walk me home from school"
Well I said, "Yes, I do"
She said, "I don't have to go right home
And I'm the kind that likes to be alone
As long as you would"
I said, "Me, too"

And so we took a stroll
Wound up down by the swimmin' hole
And she said, "Do what you wanna do"
I got silly and found a frog
In the water by a hollow log
And I shook it at her
And I said "This frog's for you"

She said, "I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
You fool, you fool
I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
Like I wanna be loved by you"


Well, I think of that girl
from time to time
and I'll call up when I got a dime
and say, "Hello Baby.."
and she says, "Ain't you cool!"

I say, do you remember when
and would you like to get together again?"
And she says, "I'll see you...
After school."

I's nervous as you might guess
still looking for somthin'
to slip down her dress
And she says, "Let's make it
Perfectly clear...."

? Larry, I knew they was somthin" I liked about you!

Now... Back to the deer stand....

You spose this has anything to do with the fact that so many people have such good luck hunting deer off the front bumper? ?

Oh! Oh! And let's not forget the main deer attractant......... Headlights! ?