Portable Man Cave

I didn't know what forum to post this in. It's a camper trailer but my camping is usually done in a tent. It will serve as a hunting lodge but I'll use it on the away from home trap line too. When it's parked at home it may just be a place for us boys to play cards.

But, at any rates, here it is! My knew MAN CAVE. ?

I just brought it home yesterday. Ain't much to look at and it needs a bit of work but I couldn't beat the price. I traded the man a service call for it. I've been wanting one for a while now. Well, ever since hurricane Irene demolished my hunting cabin.

Here's a shot of the starboard side, front door.


And the port side,


Here's inside looking through the front window


Here's a shot of the rear from inside,


And a shot of the bathroom. Well, as best a shot as I could get anyhow.


I figure I'd give you some before and after shots so's you'll know how talented I am. ?

Just wait till you see it again after I've added another bunk, a kitchen, fixed the leaky roof, sealed all the metal gaps, smeared some paint, fixed the floor, reworked the bathroom, added cabinet space, built counter tops, added gas and/or battery lights, built a dining booth, installed my wood stove and the final step, the crown jewel, the finishing touch.... Added a rifle rack! ?

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Man you ain't kidding it needs some work. You could always cut some bigger hole in it and use it as a hunting blind ?
I'm sure you will have it in tip top shape in no time.
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That is just too cool... keep us apprised as you make progress on it... I love projects like that, especially if it's for my "Man World" ?
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Now that is freaking cool... I LOVE Mosey Oak LoL

I would have to increase the capacity of the drink cooling capacity myself! ?
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Thats really cool Dawg....I need something like that go on the property i just bought. I would fix up the inside really nice..but leave the outside just like it is. The wood stove is a good idea..but i would be more concerned about the Carolina heat in the summer.... ? It's going to be 700 deg in that thing.....But i guess i would never know.......since it's a" MAN" cave... ? You know girls like to drink Beer, and play cards too........

Oh, yeah....

I'm not so much worried about the summer heat. About the only times I'll be using it will be late fall and the dead of winter.

Those times I'll be in it during the summer, it'll be close enough to home that I can run a drop cord to a window unit. ?