Mobile Man Cave Update

Yesterday, I went down to my happy hunting grounds and finally closed a chapter in my home away from home life. The final remnants of my hunting cabin that was destroyed by our last hurricane was piled up and, in a somber celebration of all the goods times had there, it was sent away in a blaze of smoke and ashes. We thought it a fitting and respectful end.

But... With renewed vigor, today I started deconstruction on my recently acquired portable Man Cave. As the ruble piles up in and around it, I can tell progress is being made.

Here's a shot of all the stuff I tore out of the bathroom.


Roof leaks abound in the bathroom ceiling because the metal on top is just plain rotten.


Yes! That's daylight you're seeing through there.


Lots of work to do on top. The top band around the back is all rotted way and the roof is in foul shape.


The wall in the kitchen area was bowed out ward. I've stripped the paneling off to find the broken studs in the wall.


And, Yes! That is the ground you're looking at beneath that wall. The band around the bottom is rotted away too!


From outside, you can see INSIDE under that same wall.


There's still more to be torn out before I can even hope to start back again, but hopefully, in another week or so I can show y'all some REconstruction started on it.

Wish me luck!

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Progress is being made for sure!!! Ya got me thinking I need to find something like that, not that I need another project LoL
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Wow it looks like the rust is the only thing keeping it together, you got your work cut out for you with that project.