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Pretty new to shotgun hunting here. I have a few questions that maybe ya'll could school me up on. I recently got a Remington Versamax from the old lady for Christmas. The last 2 years, i have borrowed a friends shotgun to go grouse and turkey hunting. I am looking to get a couple chokes for the shotgun. I saw that the Versamax only accepts Remington Pro Bore chokes.

Question #1: When looking into choke tubes at the "add to cart section" it says what kind of shotgun it fits. Some say "Remington" and some say "Remington Pro Bore".... Are these different ways to say the same thing, or different designs altogether, and i need to buy Remington Pro Bore only?

Question#2: I have been looking to get a modified and full choke to have on me. I also have seen alot of Waterfowl chokes that come in sets but seem to be listed in terms of short range, mid range and long range. They seem to have the same affect as the common named chokes (as far as i can tell). Can ya'll help me out and shed some more light on this for me? Help guide me in the right direction? example of the waterfowl chokes I was looking at were the Carlson's Remington Pro Bore Waterfowl Choke Tube Set found here.......
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The correct choke for the Versa Max is the Remington Pro Bore. The standard Remington chokes are commonly referred to as "Rem Choke"

If you are planning to use Black Cloud or Blind Side ammo through your shotgun, don't use ported chokes or ones with any sort of internal stud ring design. The petals on the shot wads for each of those types of ammo have been known to get stuck in studs and ports, and it creates an obstruction which will do serious damage to your barrel when it happens. My personal favorite duck load is Hevi-Metal by Hevi Shot. It's half hevi shot and half steel, and it works great.