Over Bored Barrels

Okay... I've done a lot of investigating "Over Bored" barrels for shot guns. I get the same story every where I look, "They have greater range.", "They hold tighter patterns.", "They are perfect for water foul and turkey hunting.".

But all these claims are still from salesmen trying to sell the higher priced gun or from the manufactures rep with the same goal in mind. OR from someone who doesn't impress me as knowing a lot about guns that just want to justify the extra price they just spent on a new gun. Gun owners I've talked to have one or the other but not BOTH, the over bored and regular barrels. They can tell me how great their gun is but they have really not compared them.

I'd like to hear from someone who has fired the same model gun with both different barrels.

I can see less recoil in the over bores but the laws of physics just don't support the "better range" and "tighter pattern" arguments. With all the gasses escaping around the shot, I just can not believe that the range is better. Nor can I see where the pattern could be any better after the shot have been squeezed back down through a choke.

Has anybody actually compared these two very different guns? I would especially like to hear from any one who has compared the Mossberg 535 to the Mossberg 835.

Thanks guys.