An idea I've had for awhile...

As most that have scrolled through my .410 thread can see that I'm a bit of an odd duck . .
The .410 has buck and slug loads for it so does the 20 gauge, so the big question is.

Why not the 28 Gauge?

I mean it has some nice features, the guns are generally light weight and the ammo bridges the gap between .410 and the 20.

Why not make factory buckshot and slug loads, as well as purpose built defensive guns ( such as a mini- Mossberg 590A1) ?

The potential is there, it's just lacking a bit on the manufacturing side.
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Thats an idea...Might be a good youth gun. My Brothers started me out with a 12ga when i was 13yrs old...I dont know what kind of shells we were using, but the recoil and subsequent pain / bruising really turned me off from shotguns for a long time....Until my Girl Scout troop had an outing at a trap range when i was 16. We shot 410s with light target loads......Thats when i fell in love with trap shooting, and shotguns. Went on to be the only Female on my College trap team..and now shoot every week, and my LGS has 12ga slug distance shoot every month for store credit (open sights only) Its a blast, and i never miss one....A 28ga might be the perfect set up to bring youngens into the sport....