Mossburg 500 Flex

Anyone have any thoughts on the 500 flex.
Looking to purchase the 12 gauge Turkey/home defense combo. Will be used all around sheet, hunting & home defense.
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I've looked at the FLEX at gun shops, seems like a cool setup. But i can vouch for Mossberg in general. I used a 500 for many yrs shooting trap before i got my Silver Reserve. I put over 12,000 rounds thru her with no problems at all (about 50 per week) for years.I keep it beside my bed now, with a shorter barrel . I would bet my life on it...Its still that dependable.

I love a Mossberg 500.

I have one I bought better than 20 years ago and after dragging it through swamps, woods and some of the toughest briar beds on the east coast, it's still one of the best shooting guns I've got.

I loved it so much that the last gun I bought was a brand new Mossberg 535. Same gun only chambered for 3 1/2 inch shells.

I'm not familiar with the "Flex" though. What's the difference in it and a regular 500?

Yeah, I wrote a bunch of them stories down. I credit that shot gun for saving my very life at least once.
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The Flex system seems to make things much easier for the end user.

It would be nice if the company made the Flex system available for the 20 and .410 models.
I wonder if they could retro fit the flex system to existing 500's.