advice on CO2 pistol

City dweller seeking advice on scaring off families of raccoons defecating on yard and robbing garden harvest. I have a family with children and pets who would like to use our back yard without fear of accidentally contacting animal feces (contains parasites) or worse bitten with rabies. ? ? ?

I have chased some raccoons up a tree 40 feet up without much recourse using a water hose. Hence the question of either a air pistol like Colt Defender .177 or Crosman Pistol Vigilante, or an air rifle like Pumpmaster 760 using .177 BB or pellets? Already tried everything deterent i could find online to no avail.
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I would recommend you get a rifle.Much better accuracy & range.
.177 cal will do fine on most varmints , I would go with a break barrel design.