Want to sell more firearms at BPS?

I know this is going to come across as negative. I'm really not meaning to. I also don't know if BPS reads postings in the forums or not so it may a mute point anyway.

Ever since BPS opened in Cary, NC I have always enjoyed going in and looking around. The inventory is pretty incredible. And I know it cost a lot to keep that inventory. I also assume because of your size like Walmart, you have purchasing power.

So I've never really understood why a big box store like BPS didn't have better prices on firearms. I would love to do business with BPS and purchase guns from BPS but the fact is your prices just aren't good. Perhaps you meet your sales quota by selling new gun owners their first or sixth firearm, I don't now. I do know that someone like me with disposable income and a liking of guns does spend money on guns. I would spend a lot of that money at BPS if you were more competitive with other regional gun shops that quite frankly are a fraction of your size.

I just wanted to offer some friendly feedback.

Here is an example:

I am in the market for an FNH FX45 pistol. The pistol retails for $805. You sell it for $799, which is hardly a deal. I purchased it at another local shop for $675. Had you been close, I would have done business with BPS.

I think you would sell many more firearms if you would sell them at competitive prices. After-all, you should be buying them at much lower prices with your size.