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I am 60 years old ( almost) and I have never had a pistol in my entire life, yes, I was in the military for 6 years, but that was a LONG time ago. So, now I am sad to say, I feel it is in my best interest to purchase a handgun, so I am looking for some input here. I am looking for something for home defense, small that can be easily cleaned and that doesn't have too much recoil, and doesn't cost a small fortune, I will also be eventually teaching my spouse to use this same weapon. Any ideas?

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Hey Loonie....Welcome to the forum.. I think the EAA 38 Special would be a good gun for you to consider....I paid $230 for mine brand new. Its made in Germany.Very nice, and finish.. Shoots where i point it..easy to clean... If it's going to be for home defense, and not CC.. I would go with the 4in barrel like mine has, smooth, shoots like butter not much recoil even with the hopped up HP rounds...they make a 2in version..but that would be a little "snappier" and a lot less accurate.. I'm suggesting a revolver because it doesn't require the range time, and 200-300 rounds to prove itself reliable like a semi-auto would.. Plus with a revolver...u just pick it up...and start The semi auto would require you and your wife to shoot it enough to commit certain things to muscle "and brain" memory.. Is the mag in...? Is it in the pipe...? Is the safety on ..or off...? Am i gripping it avoid a "limp wrist" jam...? I n a high stress situation..those are all things that will be amplified...X 100... Choice of ammo is also important....It you miss your intended target...where is the bullet going to go...If you live in an apartment, or where houses are very close together...this is important.....If you live out in the boondocks, with no houses around you...then not so much... Hollow Points are designed to stop, and disperse it's energy into the first thing it hits...That is good if you have neighbors.... I work part time at a gun shop...and if i don't know something....i can find Let me know if i can help......