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what ever you do dont get sucked in for the rebate scam bass pro runs. i was flat out told if i buy these items i would get a rebate after sending in all my paperwork and getting an email saying your rebates would be sent before april 30th and following up today may 12th 2017 after waiting 2 months for the $150 in rebates bass pro owes me they tell me i dont qualify for any rebates well good for you bass pro you ripped off a local fisherman that spends about $4000 to $5000 a year in you store, well never again. wal-mart here i come. you just lost a customer you had for over 25 years. the $150 you ripped me off is going to cost you way more you not only lost me but anyone i may ever run into. i dont know if you tell your staff to lie to people or they do it on their own either way i am gone
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Bwahahaha Comparing Wally Worlds Pathetic fishing Departments to Bass Pro. GET YOUR PAPERWORK TO THE MANUFACTURERS on time and correct, this is your fault and this is a BS rant, do a lot of Business annually with Bass Pro SPECIFICALLY because of CUSTOMER SERVICE,