Hunt Bass in the Timber

News & Tips: Hunt Bass in the Timber

If you want to catch more bass, learn to hunt for them in areas of the lake where trees have fallen into the water.

Trees that are visible above the water can offer big clues to whether the structure will hold fish or not. If the tree has lots of limbs showing, it means that there is likely to be plenty of cover and forage below the surface.

If you find a tree with plenty of limbs—like a cedar—fish it. Hardwood trees with limbs can be just as good or better, especially at the right depths.

Even the type of bark on the tree can make a big difference. Rough bark trees have more areas for microorganisms to grow, which attracts bait fish. Where there are bait fish you can expect hungry bass in search of a meal.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
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