How to Catch Winter Crappie

Fishing winter crappie

Winter can be a great time to catch crappie. Sure, it can be cold out there, but if you dress for the weather and keep safety in mind while fishing, you could be enjoying a plate full of fried fish as you watch the Super Bowl.

Think deep and look for prime structure adjacent to a channel or drop-off. Search points, ridges, humps, and flats with tight contour lines on either side of them. Once you find one of these areas start looking for stumps, rock piles or brush piles near the deeper edge.

Use small jigs on the lightest line possible and work them so slow you can feel your fingernails grow. At the slightest little tick or movement of the line, set the hook.

With the right location and presentation, you’ll be catching crappie so fast and furious that you won’t even think about how cold you are.

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By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio