3 Things Great Deer Hunters Do

News & Tips: 3 Things Great Deer Hunters Do

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1. While you’re sitting at home in the air conditioning, great deer hunters are out in the heat locating deer they plan to hunt in the fall and patterning their movements.
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2. While you’re inside watching the baseball game, they’re outside locating food, water sources, and hard-to-reach areas of cover where they will hunt deer.

3. While you’re reading the newspaper, they’re reading a topographical map to find saddles, funnels, and edges that deer use to hide their movements. Then they determine locations for treestands and hang them, they clear shooting lanes, and try to figure out where other hunters might spook deer to them.

By September great hunters are ready, which is about the same time many hunters have just start thinking about the upcoming seasons.

By Larry Whiteley, Host of the award winning
Outdoor World Radio