Product Review: Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Blade Lures

News & Tips: Product Review: Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Blade Lures...

The popular Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Blade lure has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Clearly, I'm not the only fan of this fine quality metal lure that retails for around $4.79. Here are three scenarios as to why I'm a fan of this blade-bait. It's always put fish in my boat!

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If you're looking for distance, consider Bass Pro Shops XPS Lazer Blade all-metal lure.


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1. The 2-inch, 1/2-ounce and 2.5-inch, 5/8-ounce versions are incredible spring walleye jigging baits — autumn too, as a matter of fact. Get overtop of fish holding tight to structure or along edges, jig the bait, and hold on tight. The holographic tape's flash along with the blade's vibrations work wonders to trigger strikes from onlooking walleye. Once fish bite, the sticky-sharp Mustad wide-gap treble hooks keep them pegged.


2. The Lazer Blade is also an incredible casting bait. Thin and all-metal it flies through the air with streamlined efficiency. If you need distance, this bait is a great choice. On bass opener a few years ago, this came in handy. Smallmouth were busting shad at the lake's surface near the limits of my casting range. I fired out the Lazer Blade and began a reel-twitch retrieve as soon as it hit the water. It didn't last 10 seconds before a bronzeback pounced. Several others followed before the first-light feeding frenzy passed.

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3. Another virtue of the Lazer Blade is that it's metal composition transmits vibrations well. This is useful when fishing flats and other vast areas where there can be a lot of unproductive water between hotspots. Fan cast the area and use a lift-drop retrieve. Allow the bait to touch the floor while keeping a semi-slack line to feel it as it falls. The difference in vibrations between soft bottom and rock is quite pronounced. In short, it can help you find isolated, fish-holding structures, like rock piles and bolder strips, and once the bait gets in the zone its fluttering, flashing, thumping action will seal the deal.


These are just three scenarios where the Lazer Blade has caught me fish fast and efficiently. There are many more. Pick up some Lazer Blades at Bass Pro Shops and give them water-time this season. You'll like the results.