Harry Robertson Partners with Rio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua

Fly fishingRio Indio Lodge in Nicaragua is delighted to announce the affiliation of a partnership with Harry Robertson, owner of Hanover Fly Fishers Ltd in Ashland, Virginia. Harry operates a fly casting school and showroom of necessary gear to join him on hosted worldwide destinations. He will be hosting trips several times each year to the lodge and will gladly demonstrate the casts and suggest flies for success during your visit.

Together we have developed a program at the lodge that includes instruction for the guides in casting techniques, along with boat handling practices expected by fly fishers. There are designated lagoons and river sections to fly fishing only, catch and release. The lodge is continually adding to the inventory of gear available to guests. We welcome any question from potential guests about suitable tackle, the best seasons for targeted species and what expected catches will be. All questions concerning fly fishing are directed to Harry at his website (www.hanoverfly.com).

by Harry Robertson