Top Ten 2013 Braggin Board Photos on Bass Pro 1Source

News & Tips: Top Ten 2013 Braggin Board Photos on Bass Pro 1Source...

2013 has ended, but we're not done with 2013 yet. We thought we'd give you a recap of the top ten most-viewed fishing, boating, hunting and outdoor photos on The list is counting down to the #1 most-viewed photo in the Braggin' Board gallery of 2013!

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muskie fall 10
Nice Fall Muskie - Keith Worrall owner of OFM On The Ice with a nice fall muskie. Keith had raised this fish four other times over the course of the summer casting top water and never could get the fish to hit.

walleye rainy river 9
Rainy River Minnesota Walleye - This fish was one of many walleyes caught on the Rainy River in Minnesota.

my fish 8
Me, Myself and My Fish - Who said women can't fish?! Submitted by: Patty Castro (Rancho, Cucamonga).

bass red river 7
Red River Bass - 9 pound Bass. Submitted by: Joseph Rachal (Lena, Louisiana).

black bear 6
Pennsylvania Black Bear - From Walter Rupnik (Breinigsville, PA). This 650-pound male black bear was taken in November 2008 with a single shot in thick laurel from 10 yards away with a 44 Mag. Smith & Wesson Model 29 hand gun. Boone & Crockett score 22 7/16.

big fish 5
Big Fish for a Little Girl - Michelle shot two tuna and the two of us guys that can dive deeper and stay longer never got a shot. Michelle had her tuna mojo working in rare form. Submitted by: Noel Roper (LA and Panama, Central America).

hunting pregnant 4
39 Weeks Pregnant and Still Hunting - This is a picture of my friend Shelley who went out hunting with her husband. She could only sit against the tree for so long until her leg fell asleep. Luckily she toughed it out long enough to get this one at 47 yards.
Submitted by: Tiffany Wills

bass mamma 3
Momma's Hang Ups!!
- Submitted by: Christopher Williams (Point Blank, Texas).

snake 2
Just Sunning on the Fence
- Caught this black snake sunbathing after a big meal at my wife's aunt's farm in Dallas county, Missouri. Submitted by: Marty Luna

catfish 1
Jug Catch
- 77 lb flathead caught at Truman Lake on April 1, 2012 on a jug line. Submitted by: Brandy Tiller (Walnut Grove)