Top 3 Places to Catch More Walleye This Fall

News & Tips: Top 3 Places to Catch More Walleye This Fall...
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Favorite walleye fishing hotspots during autumn include tributaries, points, and humps. Anglers who focus on those hangouts have the chance to boat a big one.

Autumn is an amazing time to chase walleye. As water temperatures cool, they feed heartily to prepare for winter. Walleye will hang out in many areas in autumn, but tributaries, bars, and humps are three reliable spots.


An inflowing stream and its surrounding habitat are prime autumn areas. Weeds stay greener longer, thanks to the increased current and oxygen from the tributary. Lush plants attract baitfish and walleye alike. Walleye will also hold in eddies and current seams created by the tributary, waiting to snap-up prey caught in the flow.


A large bar extending from shore into deep water is worth exploring. Walleye relate to this structure as a travel route between shallow and deep water. Wind-generated current pounding the structure can cause walleye to move shallow to attack perch and baitfish disoriented in the turbulent water. Expect walleye to use the bar’s deeper portion as temperatures get cold.

Mid-lake humps

Structures, such as humps, near deep basins are a paradise for walleye in autumn. These sites are often where fish spend the winter, so expect them to relate to these hideouts in fall. Be sure to fish the top of the hump as well as its edges. Many times walleye hug the ledges when inactive, but move to the top of the structure when active.

Give tributaries, points, and humps a try this autumn. They’re some of my favorite spots to fish in the fall. You can use a lot of tactics to catch them from these areas. I’ll often troll crankbaits, work some walleye jigs, or cast swimbaits.

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