Boat Maintenance

6 Basic Steps to Winterizing Your Boat, Trailer & Motor

As the days grow shorter and winter's chill begins to take hold, the sad task of preparing the boat for its yearly hibernation has once again arrived. Winterizing your boat is a necessary step to protect your investment while in deep freeze; it's also a good way to ensure that your boat is running in tip-top shape once the season resumes.

Ongoing Boat Maintenance Tips

My boat sees water time from April to November. Although the bookends of its season contain a healthy chunk of maintenance, there are also plenty of regular duties I do to keep my vessel running in top shape. These chores are preventative, part of regular upkeep, and a component of a servicing schedule. The following are a few important boat check-up tasks to keep in mind throughout the season; this list is by no means exhaustive.

Accessories to Keep Your Boat Organized

 An organized boat is more comfortable and safer than one cluttered with items on the floor and thrown into storage spaces. In this buyer's guide, I'll discuss some of the basic boat accessories that will keep your vessel organized.

Cases, Boxes and Bags for Your Boat

How to Turn Your Small Boat Into a Fishing Machine (video)

Owning a high-performance fishing boat is mostly a dream for the majority of anglers. In reality, basic aluminum boats are the most common craft you will see at the dock or puttering around the lake. Come join me for "Boat Building 101," and learn some easy ways to soup up that Plain Jane of a vessel you own.

Quick Fix for Leaky Boats

A common problem affecting aluminum boats are leaks. Collisions with underwater obstructions, beaching boats, and years of pounding waves are the likely causes of loose or missing rivets, widening of seams, and hairline cracks and tears.

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