8 Tips on How to Pick a Backcountry Campsite

In established campgrounds, picking a site is easy – usually just selecting the numbered parking spot and plunking down a tent. But stray from the beaten path and the question of where to spend the night can get a bit more complicated. Here are eight things to consider.

10 Backpacking Essentials You Shouldn't Forget

The big backpacking trip is coming up, and of course you packed your tent. But did you bring your toothbrush? Here are 10 easily-overlooked (but do-not-forget!) items to put on a list before you head outside on your next adventure.

Going on a Backpack Vacation? Here's a Basic List of Gear You'll Need

SelectingBackpackingGear blogIf you're coming out west on vacation don't just set a round a dude Ranch and step in poodle ***. Grab a backpack and go backpacking for a night or two. Why set around a cabin and think that you've experienced Idaho or Colorado?

How to Pack a Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most fundamental pieces of outdoor gear. No other device lets you carry all the items that you need to be comfortable and equipped outdoors. Packing all of this stuff into one pack might seem daunting, but it's an easy process if you follow a few basic rules. Whether you're using a large expedition model or a small, urban daypack, here are some important steps to follow when packing a backpack:

Quick Guide on Backpacks

When the topic of backpacks pops up, the young backpackers will automatically picture an internal frame pack while most school kids will envision a stylish daypack to carry their books. They'll wonder how their parents could have ever survived without their modern invention. The truth be known though, a backpack of some sorts has been around for thousands of years.