Take Your Kids on Night Hikes & Open Whole New World to Hiking

Several years ago, me, the wife and our two kids attended an organized night hike at a nearby arboretum. The kids were only in their single digit years but were no stranger to hiking. Most of their trekking miles were gained via state park trails and exploring the woods and meadows near our home.

8 Types of Hikers: Which One Are You?

If you’re a hiker, you've already set yourself apart from the hoards of people that never leave the parking lot. But even among those who love to cover miles of trail there is a lot of diversity of style. Do you fit into one of these hiker sub-groups, or maybe you are a "species" we have yet to meet?

Take a Hike! Explore These Places

When possible, one thing that hikers and adventure trekkers like to do on hikes is to incorporate interesting routes with scenic points where you can stop-and-stare. Hikes let you soak in and experience the scenes, country and waterways that you'd never see unless you walked there and looked. The great news is that America is still home of the brave and land of the many spectacular views. National parks, state and local parks, other public lands and some designated national scenic waterways can help you find solitude and memorable scenery.