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Best Places to Fish in Illinois: Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville is one of Illinois’ premier fishing resources and is recognized for its largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, muskie and walleye opportunities. Crappie are the main attraction on this big Corps of Engineers impoundment.

Best Places to Fish in Kentucky Lake: Kentucky & Tennessee

Kentucky Lake is the western boundary of the 270-square mile Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. It is recognized as one of the nation's top fishing lakes for largemouth and crappie fisheries. Largemouth in the 8-pound range help make Kentucky Lake one of the nation's top bass waters. How about smallies near 7-pounds? Kentucky Lake has those too.

Best Places to Fish in Alabama: Guntersville Lake

An impoundment of the Tennessee River, Guntersville Lake is known for its large variety fish and abundance of aquatic vegetation. Largemouth Bass are the primary focus on the lake but substantial populations of smallmouth, sauger and catfish can also be found.

7 Great Tips for Falls BIG Fish by the Numbers

For any predatory fish that swims, autumn can be the best time of the year for landing numbers of fish as well as the biggest fish of the season. As the waters begin to cool, fish will change location in any body of water – mostly to follow the feed!

No matter what big fish you're after, here is advice that will make you more successful this late-season!

Video Shows Lightning Nearly Striking Fisherman

This is Why You Should Get Off the Water — and Shoreline — During a Lightning Storm!

Lightning Fatalities - leasure activities, 2006-2013The best way to protect yourself and anyone with you from lightning is to avoid the threat. Summer is the peak season for lightning.

The Best 6 Live Fishing Baits for Beginning Anglers

What Are the Best Live Baits for New Fisherman to Use?

When starting out as a new angler of any age, there are two important things to remember. First, you want their fishing gear and the fishing method to be simple. Inexperienced anglers don't want the frustration of fancy equipment or finicky fishing methods.