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How to Build a Fishing and Hunting Pond

Chances are if you’re an outdoorsman and live on or own an acre or more of land, you’ve probably had the thought: why not build a pond? You could hunt ducks and geese on it in fall. It would attract and hold whitetail deer.

10 Things to Know Before Building a Fishing & Hunting Farm Pond

There are many advantages to building your own ponds, from wildlife viewing to hunting, serious angling to teaching youngsters to fish, not to mention improving your property’s value. Here are more details on how to plan your pond and make this dream a reality.

Will a Water Well Fill Your Well-Heeled Pond?

Pond Boss subscriber Bob Durham dropped us an email asking about using a well to fill a pond. During my travels around this great country, I am privileged to be involved in a diverse range of projects. One thing about wells always strikes me during conversations with landowners.

Here’s a typical exchange. Landowner says, “If my watershed isn’t quite big enough, I may just drill a well and fill the pond.” Or, one might say, “If the pond leaks, we can just punch a well and keep it full.”