Travis Clemen

Member for

10 years 11 months

Home: Lebanon, Missouri
(wife) Kimberly, (son) Kevick
Fishing, Deer Hunting
: Nitro

Angling Stuff

Favorite Technique: Power fishing
Fishing Strength:
Pitching and flipping jigs and soft plastics into heavy cover
Favorite Lake:
Kentucky and Barkley Lakes
Favorite Species Fished
Largemouth bass
Likes to Fish:
I will fish any pond, creek, river or lake!

Career Highlights

Fishing 25 years
20 1st Tournament Finishes
101 Top-10 Finishes
2004 Angler of the Year at the American Bass Angler Tournament Trail
Fished in several Regional & National Championships in 10 different states
I fish in several charity events throughout the year as well as Pro-Ams, team events and Big Bass Tournaments across the United States
I fished my 1st tournament at the age of 8 and won 1st place and got Big Bass award